Golf Tournament


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International Foundation of the Star, the Sky and the Diamond was established on April 10, 2015 under Canadian law on non-profit organizations and the number is: 913059-4.

To verify that International Foundation of the Star, the Sky and the Diamond is legally in good standing in all aspects, please consult the list of charities of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) online at www. or call 1-888-892-5667.

This Foundation is authorized to issue receipts and tax credits.

Here are the conditions that you must fulfill to make 1 Million dollars or more in the organization of a golf tournament and receive 20% or the full amount of $ 200,000.00 or more as a Professional Golf Tournaments Organizer:


1 – To become a Professional Golf Tournaments Organizer, send us a curriculum vitae and full identification with photo (ex: health insurance card, driver’s license, passport etc.) at the following email: or fax number: 514-528-8861. Also, if you like you can come in person at our offices by appointment only.

2 – You will receive a letter of acceptance from the said Foundation following your admission as a Professional Golf Tournaments Organizer. The Professional Golf Tournaments Organizer will be considered as a self-employed worker from a tax point of view and will receive a full check from the Foundation without any deduction whatsoever.

3 – Professional Golf Tournaments Organizer may operate from coast to coast, in Canada and United States.

International Foundation of the Star, the Sky and the Diamond can assist you in all stages of organizing a golf tournament to ensure that your event will be a success.

The General Manager is Gabriel Paliotti. He has a vast experience of more than 30 years and he deals exclusively with the organization of golf tournaments for International Foundation of the Star, the Sky and the Diamond.


The logistics of a good golf tournament are very important and we will advise you if necessary on accommodation, transport with everything related to food and drink.

For the organization of a golf tournament, we suggest that you choose a golf course and get a submission for brunch, golfers, golf cart, dinner, etc.

Fixing a date for the golf tournament event is absolutely necessary.

The food is a very essential element for the success of a golf tournament.

We will help you if you, if required, in the choice of: a lunch box, a 5-courses meal, canapés for the 5 at 7 and buffets.

We will advise you if the need arises for technological equipment.

You will have at your choice special events to be held at selected holes among the 18;

for example the longest ball for men and women or a hole-in-one for a million dollars, sponsored beer or grappa at one of the 18 holes in addition to all the sponsors advertising at each hole.

The more sponsors you will have, more successful your event will be.

You will have to choose an honorary president or a guest of honor for each golf tournament should be someone prominent and appreciated by the community.

Ex: Prime Minister, President, Minister, Deputy, Mayor, Senator, Governor etc.

An invitation letter can be very effective as shown in Example # 1.

The letter must stipulate the date of the event, the name of the golf club and a major prize such as hole # 3 for one million dollars as example.


Do not forget to put the name of the president or guest of honor and include a short biography that presents him or her. (Example # 2)

A-Establish a list of individuals and companies that are to be contacted as sponsors. (Example # 3)

B-Following step A, contact individuals and companies by obtaining a promise or direct confirmation of prices on advertisement to many golf holes for example.

C-Contact all the stores in one or several sectors which could give bottles of water, fruit, sausages or rolls for the burgers or others to golf players on the day of the tournament.

D-Contact sports stores that can give discount coupons or donate golf items for supper as well as buying announcements for the event in question.

E– Contact radio stations, televisions, newspapers, social media, websites to publicize and report the event.

Recruit golf players individually or in a quartet. (Example # 4)

A-Recruit people you know personally by asking them to contact relatives, friends, colleagues and associations where you are member such as politics, church, etc.

Ask all of the above to give you 5 or more references from their friends, parents, employers that you know who can serve as sponsor, participant, volunteer in your activities, etc.

B-Don’t forget to collect the fees of golf players and the sale of tickets for the various events that you sponsor for International Foundation of the Star, the Sky and the Diamond.

Recruitment of volunteers for the day of the golf tournament:

You must recruit 10 volunteers more or less who will manage the holes of the golf course.

You will have to make a monthly meeting or other with International Foundation of the Star, the Sky and the Diamond which will be used to update income, expenses, lists of golfers and report any problems you may have with your event.

A fundraiser could be organized on the golf course, at dinner or during other events.

A- Depending on your organization, you may plan entertainment during dinner and events

For example: Select a par 3 for a $10.00 bet where the golf player may double his money if he reaches the green.

B- A putt competition can also be organized before or after the start of the golf tournament.

Players pay $20.00 for tickets and draw a ticket for a chance to win $5000.00 for a hole in the green. (this is provided by AMERICA HOLE-IN-ONE)

C-You can organize a silent auction like for example: half and half draw, sale of precious material (signed hockey jerseys, etc.)

Start organizing your golf tournament today!