Due to the fact that you have shown a lot of interest in International Foundation of The Star, The Sky and The Diamond, I would like to ask you the killing question as President of the Foundation.


Here is the question:


Read the following before answering:

JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER was the first billionaire; he was humbly born in 1839.

As a young man, he worked in petroleum, which started at that time. By 1880, he controlled 90% of the refineries and pipelines in the United States. Its main company was Standard Oil which was dismantled in 1911 by Sherman Antitrust Law. He gave the majority of his fortune to the University of Chicago and the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

According to Forbes Magazine, 200 of his descendants have a fortune of around 11 billions as of today. Throughout his life Rockefeller had the privileges of his vast fortune. He owned a large property in New York City, one in Lakewood, New Jersey, and another 3,000 acres in Tarrytown New York, in addition to a winter home in Ormond Beach, Florida. He had servants in his service, chiefs, maids and all the staff he wanted. He could buy the most expensive furniture and everything he wanted due to his immense fortune.

So would you like to change places with Rockefeller? Think long before giving your answer.

You are richer today than Rockefeller was 100 years ago.

Rockefeller had huge houses but no air conditioned during the summer and no adequate heat during the winter.

He traveled by limousine with driver without heat or air conditioned and his cars often broke down due to bad roads among other things. When this happened, he could not call his friends or associates to say that he would be late because his phone was at home hang on the wall. He also could not send or receive text messages, take photos or videos and he did not have internet.

Rockefeller was a golf maniac could not use the new Callaway Epic Flash golf club or other golf clubs that are a thousand times better than what he had in his days.

Rockefeller’s entertainment was very limited. There was no radio, no television. He could listen to music on a phonograph which gave a bad sound.

He had very little choice in food, strictly seasonal food and no Chinese, Italian, Indian or other food.

In addition, in Rockefeller’s time, there were several infectious diseases that had not been eradicated and that were often fatal.

We can say that thanks to medical research, we can live longer, safer, healthier and freer than Rockefeller was a century ago.

If Rockefeller had to make a long trip, he couldn’t take the plane, he had to cross the country or take a sailboat to cross the Atlantic and you had to pray for an excellent temperature. If he had to go shopping, the choice was limited; there were no designer clothes or electronic gadgets.