Become a Solicitor

How To Become a Solicitor or Franchisee:

  1. Sponsors may appear on the website of International Foundation of The Star, The Sky and The Diamond by mutual agreement between the parties. Solicitors and Franchisees bringing donations, from Sponsors, Countries, Provinces, States or others will be paid 20% on the net amount in cash, check and others or a tax credit at their choice.
  2. No salary whatsoever will be granted to the Directors, General Managers, Solicitors, Franchisees and others.
  3. The only expenses admitted and approved by International Foundation of The Star, The Sky and The Diamond will be operating expenses, for example: rent or rents, professional fees and others.
  4. All Solicitors and Franchisees will be considered self-employed from a fiscal point of view.
  5. The first step to become a Solicitor or Franchisee is to send a curriculum vitae at the following email address: or to send your curriculum vitae at fax number: 514-528-8861 or in person at our offices by appointment only.
  6. The second step to reach the level of Solicitor or Franchisee is to establish a verbal or written agreement between the 2 parties either in the name of the Solicitor or the Franchisee and International Foundation of The Star, The Sky and The Diamond.
  7. All candidates applying to be Solicitor or Franchisee at International Foundation of The Star, The Sky and The Diamond will have to be interview in-person with photo identification that will be required (ex: health insurance card, driver’s license, passport etc.)
  8. All persons engaged as Solicitors or Franchisees will be hired without any discrimination whatsoever; like age, sex or others. The selected Solicitors and Franchisees having the capacity to do the work will have to accept all the mentioned conditions.
  9. We specialize as Franchisees and Solicitors in the creation, design and execution of cultural, corporate and institutional events. We have a proven logistic experience in all ramifications: logistics plan, research, negotiation with suppliers, technical services, supply, installation and dismantling installations, security and reception.
  10. All Solicitors and Franchisees can operate from coast to coast, doing events in the United States and also internationally. We want to ensure a relaxed atmosphere before, during and after the event.
  11. The visual and sound atmosphere can transform any place. Our screens, projectors, capturing and sound systems adjust to any event.
  12. International Foundation of The Star, The Sky and The Diamond can assist you in all stages of the organization to ensure that your events are a success. During seminars, we offer tips and advice to accompany presenters. We test presentations so that all stage holders are confident. We can take care of the management of your speakers. When it comes to specialized conferences, we take care of your speakers and presenters as soon as they are selected. There is also consultation on the design, the conference theme and workshops. We take care of the thematic as well as the follow-up and the management of the animators, moderators and masters of ceremonies.
  13. Logistics Event is essential to ensure success. We advise you on accommodation, flights, transportation and all the needs for food and drinks. We also assist you on the decorations. The goal is to have no stress in the event.
  14. We try to manage your events with practical and effective technological equipment. To simplify registration, we create a custom microsite for online registration. We are accelerating guest entry with electronic attendance registration. We also take care of tablet presentations, wireless access management, design and production of name (badges).
  15. With regard to food, they are an essential element for the success of the event. Whether it’s an organic lunch box, a 5-course dinners, 5 to 7 canapés, molecular cuisine and buffets, we use the best caterers and the most famous Chefs.
  16. We also specialize in organizing eco-friendly events. We also promote local product which encourages local purchase and reduces transportation. We support cultural activities.
  17. Events and Employee Days: Christmas Parties, Gala Nights, Golf Tournament, Business Meetings, Congresses, Team Building, Corporate Retreat, Exercise working Team, Conference, Conventions, Colloquiums etc.
  18. Corporate Events: Product Launching, Inaugurations, Press Conferences, Promotional Events, Promotional Tours, etc.
  19. Organization of casino nights: Immerse your guests in a theme evening casino with a public tasting event of local products. An interactive activity that allows you to discover the local products.
  20. We can put a catalog of evolutionary equipment being many equipments, sets and accessories events such as: circus, cabaret, carnival, casino, cinema, etc. We also rent professional quality equipment, furniture and accessories that will add style to your events.
  21. List of equipment that can be rented or purchased:
    1. Photo Booth
    2. Popcorn machine
    3. Cotton candy machine
    4. Wheel of fortune
    5. Champagne dress
  22. Rental of characters and costumes: International Foundation of The Star, The Sky and The Diamond offers themes such as the 1920s, a masked ball, an ice palace, super heroes, etc. An ideal idea to give dynamism and creativity to your corporate or private events.
  23. We suggest you add Show Bulles with characters that come to life and perform a striking choreography in a translucent bubble with the option of a team of animators.
  24. You can add a Lady Champagne, the dress can offer champagne, wine and cocktails. We can change the trays to put candies, bites, macaroons, etc to highlight your event.
  25. A wheel of editable fortune! Mainly for brand activations, promotional events, casino parties (see paragraph 19) as business partners or sponsors.
  26. Exhibition hall management is a trade show, an international exhibition with several exhibitors or a targeted clientele. We offer you the production of a guide, the management and the follow-up with the exhibitors. We also develop scenarios.
  27. The communications strategy must be designed and built around clear and integrated objectives. You must not only perform an event but also to make it live, before, during and after the event. International Foundation of The Star, The Sky and The Diamond will help you maximize all areas of communications with strategic plans on the use of social media.