One of the goals of International Foundation of The Star, The Sky and The Diamond is to support humanitarian’s missions by giving all donations collected through public subscriptions to improve the lives of the vulnerable people around the world.

You will notice by using this bionic robot the progress that has been made in research and medical innovations, mainly in organ transplants, artificial limbs, 3D printed ears. Research in modern medicine continues to grow.

Scientists, through medical research, can take cells from a patient and cultivate them for complete organs. The most suitable organs for this type of method are the flat or tubular organs such as the skin, the blood vessels, the trachea, the bladder or the vagina. Medical research, through International Foundation of The Star, The Sky and The Diamond, is developing 3D bio-printing techniques to create organs such as ears, heart, liver and uterus.

A bionic eye triggers a visual perception in blind people: a miniature camera housed in the patient’s glasses electrically stimulates the retina by bypassing the damaged photoreceptors.

Pacemaker (for the heart) and cochlear implants (to fight against deafness). Hearts or artificial kidneys allow patients to live for many years while waiting for organ donation.

Robotic exoskeletons allow paraplegics to walk.

Prostheses, for example a bionic arm, read the commands of the human brain.